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The Insight Vacations website was originally designed by an external agency. I was tasked with re-designing the website with a specific focus on mobile first. It was desired by stakeholders that I begin with the ‘Destinations’ section.


Prior to starting on any front-end design work it was very important to establish a grid and breakpoint system. Once I had settled on this I focussed on a mobile-first approach to the design as this allows me to prioritise how information is displayed in the smaller screen sizes.

Ultimately, the mobile-first approach is also a content first approach. By going through the above processes it allowed me to establish a design direction which I would follow through not only this project but all of the website re-design projects to follow.


There are three levels within this section; Parent, regional listing pages and the country pages themselves. Working together with sales and marketing representatives as well as my wider website content team I was able to establish what was important to different areas of the company as well as consumers themselves. With easily accessible information being an obvious priority one key design feature, for the country pages, was to have a fixed anchor navigation menu which allows the user to go to specific points of interest on the page.

Each layout was created in  Figma – a collaborative interface design tool – which allowed me to design, prototype, have real-time collaboration with colleagues and developer handoff. All of this was especially important as the company has multiple stakeholders across different geographic regions.

Project Details

Client: Insight Vacations

Date: April 12, 2019

The Travel Corporation (TTC) is a worldwide travel expert, with 40 sales offices and 10,000 team members, serving 1.9 million travellers worldwide annually we take our travellers to over 70 countries.

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